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             A VOLUME TO REMEMBER AN EVENT  expresses the company's individual characteristics. It usually contains most important events in the company's history and life and that is why it cannot be anonymous and produced in great numbers all kinds details as regards materials colours and decoration are agreed upon very carefully. The shape and the size o the volume are for the customer to decide.



            All kinds of ALBUMS FOR VISITIN - CARDS, MANAGERS' NOTEBOOKS, CALENDAR, NOTEBOOKS are perfect addition to the office or secretary's room. They are hand with colour pages of high quality paper. And OFFICE DESK SET made of leather with tehe owner'a relief initials, is pleasant to touch and will help create a warm atmosphere in the interior.




           BOOK COLECTION baund according to the client's wishes is a nice set. The range includes   simple unified bookbinding, relief, inlays, and jewelers' decorationa with precious stones set in silver.



             a precious gift - artifact, diploma or letter might often be a problem due to the lack of packaging suited to the value and importance of the document being presented. That is why we offer all kinds of CASES or TUBES in any size or shape.





             The BIBLE whit a dedication and embossed name of the gift receiver baund according to the client's wish is a wondelful and arginal present.




             PRAYER'S BOOKS may also impress greatly as the are baund in delicate leather with relief and inlay. we also Offer unique REMEMBERANCE OF TEHE FIRST COMMUNION in a cover made by linking delicate colorful leather petals whith from unforgettable motifs.


             For clients disgusted by shoddy plastic goods we make PHOTO ALBUMS using traditional method from natural materials only with exchangeable cards suited to photo dimensions.


             We also make special MENU covers an special orders for restaurants. inns and hptels. We guarantee orginality and individual projects suitable to the king of activity.


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